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Meypack Clean Design Video

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Meypack Retrofit - Máquinas Reacondicionadas

Disponibilidad de máquinas Empacadoras, Paletizadoras reacondicionadas!


Meypack - FTS - Cerradoras - Coseadoras para Bolsas - Bag Closing Machines




  New England Machinery INC.















Posicionadores de frascos,

Posicionador compacto con estación de limpieza de aire ionizada

Modelos compactos - ideal para la industria farmacéutica - cosmética






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CP 32,   CP 36,   CP 48







 Folletos aqui

Orientadores y sistemas de orientación,

Aplicadores de atomizadores, bombas,

Elevatores para botellas, tapas, sorteadores, manejo de materiales, etc.



Sistemas de termosellado






Máquinas Llenadoras Eficientes y flexibles

Ideal para productos como alcohol medicinal, jabones líquidos, shampoos,  alcohol en gel, productos de limpieza, etc.

libre de formatos y mantenimiento

 Máquinas llenadoras con medidores de flujo

Más de 700 máquinas IDL / MDL vendidas!


The physical demands on modern filling machines are enormous.
The variety of packaging and products sold by the trade chains leads to the need to change from one product to the other quickly, if possible, without the need for any size parts. It must be possible to use the packaging machines for a wide range of products with a minimum of maintanance. In addition the machines must be easy to clean and low wearing.

To meet the needs of our customers, these requirements have always been the basis and focus in the development of the BREITNER filling machine series.
Most of the BREITNER filling machines are equipped with inovative flow meter technology and can almost be used universally. This applies to the container sizes and shapes to be processed and also to the variety of liquids to be filled.

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Intermittent motion BREITNER linear filling machines

with an output of up to 120 containers/minute and container sizes from 20 ml to 25 liters.




BREITNER offers intelligent and versatile closing machine concepts


The multitude and requirements of modern packaging make highest demands regarding the versatility and flexibility of modern closing machines.


Whether processing plastic bottles, glass containers, pots or canisters in various shapes or closures such as screw-caps, spray pumps, hinge closures or soap dispensers - BREITNER always offers a tailor-made solution for your packaging needs.


We focus on quick product changeovers, large ranges of application and a minimum amount of maintenance together with a low wear operation.


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Closing machines with outputs up to 280 containers/minute,
container sizes from 20 ml to 25 liters,
screw-caps and press-on caps




























WALDNER DOSOMAT .......  La Llenadora-Cerradora ideal




















Waldner Dosomat

"La Máquina" compacta, versatil y economica para todo tipo de producto.

Máquinas con rendimientos de 1.500 - 120.000 envases / hora

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Filtros y sistemas de filtración para líquidos y gases, Filtros rotativos de autolimpieza - Delta Strain


Deltafilter, Filtros, Systemas de filtración, Filtros rotativos de autolimpiezaDeltafilter, Filtros, Systemas de filtración, Filtros rotativos de autolimpieza     Catálogos - haz click aqui